Our Philosophy

by MM

I am motivated to represent all this fine work for the people producing it : for the values they propone, for the essential return to fine hand work.

Not only are all the people I work with highly skilled and evolved artisans; they also promulgate traditional craft with a fair trade philosophy.

They have brought their art up to a high contemporary plane.

Anything I can do to help them not only continue to survive but to thrive will be a job worth doing.

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Kasten Tibetans

by MM

Sam Kasten is also working exclusively with a mill in Kathmandu producing hand knotted rugs to order.

These rugs may be ordered in any colour, shape, design and may be made from one or a combination of the following materials : Tibetan wool, dyed or undyed; Chinese or Indian silk; sumptuous mohair and recently Hemp, Ramie (nettle) or Cactus.

Organic rugs may be made on request. Sizes can run up to 6.10m width x 15.25m length and can even be made to fit as a carpet.

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