SKH – Sam Kasten Handweaver

by MM

Massachusetts based Sam Kasten Handweaver began weaving almost forty years ago with Andy Oates who studied at the Black Mountain College with Anni & Josef Albers, Buckminster Fuller and other illustrious members of the Bauhaus.

Sam designs and weaves fine textiles for high end residences, hotels, museums and corporate headquarters, making custom fabrics and rugs to his own designs, based on clients designs or matching antique or discontinued weavings. Looms run up to 3.65m widths, allowing for seamless wall covering or drapery.

Also available from SKH based on Kasten’s own or clients’ designs are a collection of impossibly soft blankets and throws woven from baby alpaca and fine merino wool to order, in plains or any geometric pattern, any colour, made by a mill in Peru.

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Elodie Brunet

by MM

Elodie Brunet who, like Perrine, studied textiles for four years at the Arts Décoratifs in Paris, has a number of other points in common with Perrine : she too works with organic, natural fibres, hand woven and vegetable dyed.

Elodie’s collection is woven in conjunction with an association of women in the Philippines, from the finest silk and pineapple fibres.

Elodie absorbs the local atmosphere, and the designs for her almost spiritual sheers emerges from that communion. They vibrate with a luminosity and delicacy, they are both structured yet fluid.

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